Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.
taxi suicides in Australia on the rise

taxi suicides in Australia on the rise

Lost retirement in Australian taxi plates

Before Uber illegally entered NSW, the cost of a licence climbed to $425,000 and above.  This has now crashed from $115,500 (average for August 2018) to under $100,000 in October 2018. Do people have to go bankrupt, suffer severe depression, commit suicide, lose their superannuation and dignified retirement or alternatively land up on unemployment benefits because of bad political manipulation and interference? This has absolutely nothing to do with market forces but the lack of regulation of rideshare vehicles in NSW.


sff logoFight for a fair go for NSW Taxi Industry – Vote Shooters Fishers & Farmers Party on 23 March 2019 NSW State Election

General instruction for taxi industry members and families.

For all members to vote for your future.
For the Upper House (big paper) vote 1 group Aabove the line.
For the Lower House (small paper) vote for anyone except Liberal (who have tried to destroy us) and the greens (who hate us).

You can download these instructions on how to vote:  Upper House Colour  How to Vote instructions for Taxi Industry (pdf) or  Upper House Black & White How to vote instructions  (pdf).


Currently, we are circulating a petition to implore the government to recognise the injustice imposed on the innocent by their Point to Point regulation and stop the decimation of the Taxi Industry.

The petition is to request government restriction on the unrestrained numbers and unconscionable business conduct of rideshare and to provide fair compensation for the losses suffered by all in the regulated industry.

After almost three years of endeavour we have at last obtained political support.
The Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party are the only politicians who have recognised our plight and are prepared to support us and present our case to Parliament.

This may be our only opportunity to seek justice.
For the petition to carry influence it must have numbers.
We cannot expect politicians to help us if we are not prepared to help ourselves.


Please urge your family and friends to continue to support the Party which supports our continuing quest for rightful financial compensation and a “fair go”.

Long term lack of delivery of hardship package to the NSW taxi industry

Hard working Australians who purchased taxi plate licences in NSW as part of their superannuation and retirement are financially and emotionally suffering due to the ill advised decisions made by the NSW State Liberal Government and to make it worse, to date have continued to fail on the delivery of the Additional Assistance package which was promised to be closed in July 2017. This amount is both too little and too late.

Many of our NSW taxi licensees have been under tremendous pressure due to this onslaught of an unequal level playing field competition from app-dispatched services.

NSW Taxi Industry Adjustment Assistance Time Line


Taxi Owner’s Small Business Association (TOSBA)

The Taxi Owner’s Small Business Association Inc. (TOSBA) was established to represent the interests of taxi owners acting as small businesses in New South Wales.

Why is the Australian Federal Government ignoring the poor treatment of the taxi industry in each State?

The Federal and State Governments have let taxi owners hang out to dry with the value of their retirement assets literally dwindling away. In the meantime commercial rideshare continues to be unregulated throughout Australia.

retirement goneAll Australian Taxi Owners, Owner/Drivers,Operators and Drivers need to register with us to be kept Informed

To ensure ALL taxi key stakeholders in AUSTRALIA stay up to date with the latest news, register now to be kept informed.


The extreme importance of hard working Australian taxi owners in Sydney and rural New South Wales areas being united, communicating with each other, placing pressure on the NSW Liberal State Government and other politicians to change their position and keeping you up to date with developments and other parties who become involved in our plight.

NSW Taxi place licence holders/owners in the Sydney metropolitan  now realise that the value of their investment, livelihood and income are being destroyed by the lack of consultation, transition and proper planning by the NSW Liberal State Government and other politicians influenced by the multinational conglomerate UberX and other commercial ride sharing transport suppliers.

‘U’nconscionable, ‘U’n-Australian, ‘U’nfair, ‘U’nacceptable

Proposed taxi business model presented to the NSW Government as a viable solution.

We the taxi industry, specifically the owners of taxi plates licences, don’t want the public to pay for the government’s mistakes and mismanagement of the point to point transport industry. That is by way of a $1 surcharge or any other surcharge. However the stake holders, being freehold taxi licence owners, must be adequately compensated.

We need an equitable working environment for  NSW taxi owners today and for the future. 



VISIT the SITEMAP LINK which represents the interests of all taxi plate owners and operators and drivers.


We are representing the interests of all taxi plate owners in response to financial losses in income and asset value forced upon us by the NSW Mike Baird Liberal State Government and other NSW parliamentarians.


Please visit the Taxiowners Disclaimer which states it position on taxi matters in Australia.