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ACT Plate Owners – Request for Input – Taxi Industry Reform – Consultation

To all Australian ACT Taxi Plate Owners (Canberra)

The Innovation Working Group has undertaken to consult with all interested parties involved in the ACT taxi Industry concerning reforms being undertaken by them.  As part of their “Phase Two (2)” which requires amendments to legislation and developing detailed regulations they have sought to consult with all interested parties.

I understand that the message below been sent out to stakeholders including Insurance Companies, some taxi operators, some taxi drivers and some taxi owners – but not everyone.  I know that it went out to Aerial Capital group who they might regard as covering most groups and from whom they expect some response on behalf of most groups they have under their wing.   The legislation covers all aspects of the industry including Taxis , Rideshares and Hire cars as well as Transport Booking Services (TBS) and no doubt ACG will be concerned with all but also with their involvement in the latter.

As taxi plate Owners we are stakeholders and must take the time to comment on anything that will adversely affect or lease fees and value of our property in the plates we own.  Our submission should focus on our interests as such.

I would ask that you take the time to click onto the related sites and peruse the drafts of what they have in mind to legislate.   The attached above is just one of the “Draft Materials” to peruse and it was contained in a list of many found after going into IWG Stakeholder Consultation link given below.  Other “Draft Materials” listed include registration of vehicles and licencing of drivers and vehicles etc. etc.  Please go through them all and cherry pick items of concern.

We now have the opportunity to place a submission to them but seek your feed-back on the issues involved.  We would endeavour of course to liaise closely with Base and the ACG to ensure that we are on the same page but in support of our respective goals.

The BIG difference now is that we are IN THE ROOM being consulted and NOT outside and LEFT IN THE DARK.

The following is the message that I received and ask you to take the time to look closely at:-

“As part of taxi, hire car and rideshare reforms announced on 30 September 2015 (see link), the ACT Government is currently developing detailed regulations and other arrangements to support a legal framework for regulation of the on-demand transport sector.  The related Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) (Taxi Industry Innovation) Amendment Bill 2015 was passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly in November 2015 but will not have effect until these further details are finalised.

Continuing the consultative approach to these reforms the Government is undertaking targeted consultation on a range of draft regulatory materials, and we would welcome your views and/or the views of your organisation on how best to implement the announced policy.  The draft materials can be found at IWG Stakeholder Consultation.  Submissions are sought by 18 April 2016, and can be provided as advised on the referred webpage.”

The Committee will be meeting on this and from your responses a submission as stakeholders will be dispatched to the Reform Group.

I do urge you all to peruse and respond by 4 April by Email to me.

Phil Button

See attached : Draft-RT-PPS-Regn-2016-Explanatory-Statement-IWG


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