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Transport for NSW reaffirms NSW Government’s commitment on taxi licences

The NSW Government states that it is mindful of the pressures being experienced by the taxi industry in many parts of regional NSW following the point to point transport reforms. Whilst the modernisation of the regulatory framework for point to point transport has seen consumers throughout NSW benefit from […]

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Chanel 9 Current Affairs presentation of Uber versus Taxis regrettably did not cover the real costs associated with being a transport service provider (Taxis) being in franchise with the NSW State Governments decade after decade, regime after regime. And having to comply with all regulations set by […]

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Western Australia (WA) Premier wants taxi drivers to ‘sell plate deal’

Daniel Mercer in The West Australian website published Saturday, 17 February 2018  states that Mark McGowan has moved to enlist taxi drivers and owners for a proposed assistance scheme for cabbies, saying unless the industry did its own lobbying the package was doomed to fail. The Premier […]

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Southern Highlands Taxis operator Laurie Stewart speaks out against IPART draft report

As stated in the Southern Highland News  on 31 January 2017, Highlands taxi operator Laurie Stewart believes a proposal to introduce more taxi licences in NSW would be the “death knell of country cabs”. The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has written a draft report for the […]

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Martin Rogers discusses Taxis CTP, Levy & Compensation on Nights with Steve Price on 2GB Audio Here

2GB interview with NSW Taxi Council CEO addressing the disparity in the NSW taxi assistance/hardship compensation package Martin Rogers , CEO of NSW Taxi Council, discusses Taxis CTP, Levy & Compensation on Nights with Steve Price on 2GB Audio with a focus on the disparity of assistance package against […]

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Judge paves way for taxi lawsuit Plate owners in Ottawa a get green light to proceed with $215M class action

Judge paves way for taxi lawsuit Plate owners get green light to proceed with $215M class action over city’s decision to allow Uber judge has given Ottawa taxi plate owners the go-ahead to proceed with a lawsuit claiming the city’s decision to allow Uber and similar companies to operate […]

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Uber driving a huge rise in transport costs

Transport expenditure on the way up for taxis Detailed analysis of CBA customers spending habits show a lot of customers are just taking taxis and Uber for convenience. Transport was the fifth most costly expenditure behind shopping ($15billion). the trend is showing no sign of slowing down.

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Micheal McLaren is joined by the NSW Point to Point Transport Commissioner Barbara Wise to discuss the levy kicking into gear Feb 1 2018

A radio interview with Barbara Wise, Point to Point Commissioner of NSW put on the spot on value of plates lost due to NSW State Government uncontrolled introduction of commerical ride sharing

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Passenger Service Levy – Q&As for passengers

The actual Questions and Answers pdf document can be downloaded here. What is the Passenger Service Levy? The temporary $1 Passenger Service Levy applies on all taxi, hire car and rideshare trips in NSW. While the NSW Government’s changes to the point to point transport industry deliver […]

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Special Media Report 31 January 2018 NSW Taxi Council on TV

Watch video on NSW Taxi Media Report 2018 interview with NSW Taxi Council ABC Chats to NSW Taxi Council about the Levy and Taxis vs Rideshare. Why is the CEO of NSW Taxi Council not addressing these  important issues?

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