Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

NSW Taxi Key Issues

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key_issues_taxi ownersThe main key issues we need the NSW Liberal State Government to address are:

  1. Reasonable compensation to Plate Owners proportionate to the loss in value of their assets prior to the legalisation of Commercial Ride Sharing December 2015 and extending the recommended adjustment package to 9 years or when fully achieved.
  2. The cost of CTP Green Slips and comprehensive vehicle insurance to be standardised.
  3. Under the review by the NSW Liberal State Government, all Point to Point Transport Vehicles to pay a licensing fee of a minium of $4000.00 annually.
  4. The NSW Liberal State Government to recall the oversupply of Government leases and pick up the hundreds of idle free hold plates in exchange. The result being oversupply of government plates being minimized.
  5. Active enforcement of Clause 189 and the prohibition on all Private Hire Vehicles from plying for hire, parking or standing on roads and road related areas, or being used for other than pre-booked work.
  6. An acknowledgment by the NSW  Liberal State Government that it is not comprehensively representative of the interests of Taxi Plate Owners, Operators or Drivers. We are requesting “face to face” representation for the future.
  7. Set-up of a process by which publicly provided video information of Regulatory Breaches by Commecial Rideshare vehicles can be lodged, investigated and enforced by the NSW RMS/Point to Point Transport.
  8. The notion that, by retaining exclusivity to rank and hail work, our taxis would still have 70% of their previous business is fallacious!
  9. Thousands of Taxi Licence Plate Owners are experiencing the virtual expropriation of their assets, which were earned, bought and maintained in good faith and which have provided the basis for a significant and consistent service to the people of New South Wales over many decades. The conditional offer of $20,000 to a maximum of two licence plates for immediate loss of income is inadequate, unacceptable and ill advised.
  10. Collection of Income tax on proposed hardship package is morally wrong.
  11. Implement regulatory control on the number of Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles in Point to Point Transport (e.g. Uber) in NSW with an annual review in consultation with NSW Taxi Council and members of
  12. Implement major minimum fines for Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles touting for business on Taxi Ranks.
  13. Include and enforce mandatory passenger safety requirements (such as Safety Cameras) for Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles. 


Not a level playing field for taxi owners 

unfair to taxi ownersThere is no doubt that our industry needed some innovative disruption from the new technologies. Some players/participants which have entered the commercial ride sharing arena at an earlier entry time,  in direct competition to the NSW taxi industry have placed pressure on the NSW taxi industry.  They being Side car, Lyft, etc, but the destruction now upon us, from an International Corporation conducting, or claiming to conduct, all its financial transactions off-shore, disputing GST obligations and prior to December facilitating illegal operations by its “partners” and other commercial ride sharing suppliers is un-Australian, unconscionable, unfair and unacceptable.

Please hear our cry and “right the wrong” Premier of Liberal State Government while time is still at hand.

No Consultation

As Taxi Licence Plate Owners and hardworking members of this industry we are dismayed and frustrated at the, perhaps unintended, ill advised, NSW Liberal State Govenment’s reforms to the Point to Point Transport Services Industry of NSW. are asking all Taxi Licence Plate Owners for their support to “right the wrong“. are putting on notice the NSW Liberal State Government and other politicians to reconsider their ill advised current position on behalf of the Taxi Licence Plate Owner.


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We are representing the interests of all Australian taxi plate owners in response to financial losses in income and asset value forced upon us.


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