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Luke Foley MP – The Disintegration of the New South Wales Taxi Industry. 

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Luke Foley on NSW Taxi Industry


From: Brett Clayton [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 8:00 PM
To:[email protected]
Subject: Deregulation of the taxi industry

Dear Ernest Wong MLC

I find your condescending response to hard working Australians within the taxi industry dated 7 March.

You are nothing more than lip service you and your other parliamentary mates have nothing to lose , when will you people get it ,the littlie person on the the street  has been done over again  .

You sir are nothing more than a mouth piece to circumvent justice for the people you have been voted in to represent , I find the political environment toxic .

I doubt I will hear back from you and I don`t care elections come and go we as voters will have our say at the ballot box without the influence  of the pollies

Brett Clayton

A disillusioned VOTER


From: “Brett Clayton” <[email protected]>
Date: 30 Mar 2016 5:13 pm
Subject: RE: Deregulation of the taxi industry
To: <[email protected]>

Dear Ernest Wong MLC

As I have corresponded with yourself on the 17/03/2016 re: the email attached I have received no correspondence on this matter?

It is nice to see democracy at work or should I presume not ? , please don’t say you have been too busy  for a NSW constituent .

I would like to pass on some of my thoughts .

Recently the presiding NSW government using tax payers money took on the productivity commission and won the right to increase the energy pricing in NSW  not to lower it as ask but the commission and from my view all political parties agreed GST ?

In my view there are  many avenues in which these plate owners can be properly compensated , due to technology and the legislation which granted overseas players some of whom DO NOT PAY TAXES IN AUSTRALIA .

I take note as a dumb voter when our good mate the Hon . Premier Michael Baird the then head of the treasury DID NOT KNOW THERE WAS AN EXTRA ONE BILLION DOLLARS OF TAX PAYERS MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT .

I am not protected by parliamentary process that is available to yourself , but these people are being done over and all the time you enjoy A GUARANTEED SUPER INCREASE EVERY YEAR Mr Wong when do we have the opportunity for a fair go this sounds good from your disconnected pollies around election time , these hard working honest taxpaying AUSTRALIAN people are not being represented with a moral conscience and dignity which comes from elected public servants .

I await your response

a disillusioned VOTER .

Brett Clayton .


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