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Calls for Uber to be investigated over ‘greyball’ tactics in Australia to evade authorities

Back in March 2017 stated in the SMH, a request was made in relation to Uber to be investigated over ‘greyball’ tactics in NSW to evade authorities.

But news of the greyballing tactics go much further, showing that before Victoria and NSW decided to legalise the service, Uber was not just operating outside the law, it was actively combating efforts to bring it into line.

NSW Taxi Council chief executive Roy Wakelin-King at the time, called for an investigation into whether Uber attempted to frustrate or block a government investigation.

“We are disturbed by the allegations,” Mr Wakelin-King said. “Compliance with the law is a fundamental part of doing business in Australia.

What ever came out of this enquiry?   Greyball into a black hole. Taxi licence owners believe that the NSW Government and NSW Transport Departments continuation of burying their head on this issue can no loner be tolerated.



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