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Rideshare2Read the latest Uber and other rideshare stories seriously effecting the transport industry.

There seems to be a consistent theme as stated by an Uber spokesperson Tracey Breeden said: “……, and the driver has been removed from the app.” when a serious incident occurs demonstrated recently with the Out-of-control Uber crashes into petrol station and bursts into fireball with passenger still inside.

The lack of appropriate safety monitoring is evident with a number of report cases involving rape in Australia by rideshare drivers growing.

Will surge pricing by Uber rideshare ever end?

Exorbitant fares using Uber during major traffic incidents and public transport delays continues in Australia and there are no signs it will stop.

Uber surge-pricing is stated as ‘unacceptable’ according to Victorian Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and yet it has been happening for years. Even though it is stated that Uber surge pricing is to be capped by Victorian Government after Metro chaos, only time will tell.


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