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Uber blocked from operating in London after company deemed not ‘fit and proper’. Uber London loses licence to operate

Rideshare2Uber will not be issued a new private hire licence, Transport for London (TfL) has said.
TfL concluded the ride-hailing app firm was not fit and proper to hold a London private hire operator licence. It said it took the decision on the grounds of “public safety and security implications”.

Confirming it would appeal against the decision, Uber said it showed the world “far from being open, London is closed to innovative companies”.

TfL’s concerns include Uber’s approach to carrying out background checks on drivers and reporting serious criminal offences.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “I fully support TfL’s decision – it would be wrong if TfL continued to license Uber if there is any way that this could pose a threat to Londoners’ safety and security.

And that’s the reason for London’s decision: Uber is not “fit and proper” to hold a licence. After all, digging up dirt on the company is not hard, whether it’s failings on passenger safety, underpaying its drivers (independent contractors of course, not actual “employees”) or the vile sexism of the recently ousted CEO, Travis Kalanick. As my colleague Hannah Jane Parkinson put it, “If it’s shitty behaviour, Uber has probably done it.


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