Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

Table Taxi Versus Rideshare Comparison 2017

Issue Taxi Industry Commercial RIde Share
GST Taxi drivers by law pay GST GST evaded for 18 months by commercial ride share drivers (e.g. UberX). ATO ruled payable back in AUGUST 2015.
Price Gouging Fixed price meter system. No rude surprises. Regulated system. Price gouging – evident during Xmas and New Years Eve/Day. Fares exceeding $1000 have been recorded.
Public Safety Safety cameras to protect the public, plus presence of 2 way radio for emergency communication and tracking. Alarm System in all vehicles. Regulated by NSW Transport. No safety camera for the public. Unregulated by NSW Transport.
NSW Transport has not enforced its core values, demonstrating clearly its bias double standards.
CTP Greenslip CTP Green slip , now over $10,000. Evidence held. CTP Greenslip approx. $800
Booking of passengers using technology Excessive taxi network fees. Free app plus approx low booking charge approx. (20%)
Law enforcement by NSW Transport – RMS, POLICE Prosecution of fines issued to taxi drivers and operators for non compliance to regulations. No warnings. Lack of law enforcement. Fines waived and/or not enforced by RMS, nor police for not complying to regulations. Only warnings issued. This is DISCRIMINITIVE LEGISLATION.
NSW State Government announce that new ride share service will ease congestion. Taxi numbers are rightly regulated so as to not flood the market, with many shifts mid week not being filled. Peak availability taxis were introduced in a structured , planned way to fill any availability gap that arose. With “shared economy”, increase of 6000 ride share vehicles on the road per peak nights does the opposite, virtually doubling traffic congestion. Drivers choose only to work during peak period .
Branding of vehicles Taxis are visible through appropriate signage and logo branding. E.g. 13cabs bold signs on car bonnet and side of vehicle, taxi light sign.
In addition, registration plates are prefixed with the letter “T” e.g. T-9999
No proper branding of ride share vehicles. Unrecognisable by Transport Inspectors for illegal pick ups and drop offs. Public cannot tell from a distance if the vehicle is a ride-share vehicle.
Asset investment Money paid up to $425,000 in NSW for a perpetual taxi licence. Professional owner/drivers such as mum and dad investors losing approximately 50% of their asset licence value.
Branding of vehicle and rightly making the vehicle safe for the public
Cost for safety camera and alarm to public and driver.
No cost for partner App application is FREE.
No branding expenses
No safety systems in place.
Operation Costs Excessive high, recurrent operation costs because of unfair insurance premiums (CTP Greenslip).
High taxi network fees
Low fees (25%) and low CTP Greenslip. Running costs borne by gullible drivers. This fair for Uber Drivers?
NSW State Government charges 2.5% “tax” charged when a licence is transferred from one licence owner to another. Licence transfer equates to approximately $5,500 per sale of licence. This cost to a taxi owner, especially now, is unjustified and imoral. NSW State Government does not apply any taxes.
NSW State Government manipulation and milking the taxi industry RMS leasing taxi plates to taxi operators. Planning to re-issue returned taxi licences that have been handed back by taxi drivers unable to cope with exorbitant expenses (e.g. network fees, Green CTP) No control on the number of commercial ride share vehicles.
BAD and ill conceived implementation of commercial ride share in NSW. Drastic financial loss in asset value due to poor mismanagement by State Government.
No financial compensation provided to date. “Transitional Assistance” package represents less than 5% of a seven year old value of a perpetual taxi licence which was $425,000.

“Hardship Package” scheduled for November 2016 has not commenced which is now 4 months late. No advice nor eligibility criteria has been issued by NSW Government or NSW Taxi Industry Association.

Losses in retirement for mum and dad investors is hurting families, where decisions were made in good faith. Super funds investments have now been trashed.

No impact. More congestion.
Public Liability Fully covered by public liability insurance up to $220,000,000 (yes $220 million). Unknown quantity of what insurance is available. Yet to be tested. Plausibly at the expense of the Australian tax payer if situation arises. Max claim by law available on CTP Greenslip up to $250,000.
Definition Taxi already defined and understood After the ruling by Justice John Griffith in the Federal Court they are a taxi service by definition and through the free app is open to abuse, illegal operators, none payment of taxes no personal checks.

Justice John Griffith of the Federal Court said the phrase “taxi travel” should be “construed broadly and not technically” and accepted the Tax Office’s argument the ordinary meaning of the word “taxi” is a “vehicle available for hire by the public and which transports a passenger at his or her direction for the payment of a fare that will often, but not always, be calculated by reference to a taxi meter”.

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