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ACT On Demand Transport Industry reforms – ODTI industry roundtable session (5 Dec 11.00AM – 2.00PM)

The ACT Government’s 2015 reforms to the on-demand transport industry have had a significant impact on consumers and industry participants.


That package of reforms and their impacts have been formally evaluated, with extensive input from industry and the community.  The ACT Government has taken up most of the formal evaluation’s recommendations for follow-on reforms. 


We would like to invite you to provide input on the following questions regarding four potential follow-on reforms:

  1. What factors should the Government consider when thinking about increasing or removing the regulated caps on standard-taxi and wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) supply?
  2. Should any environmental conditions, such as fuel type or efficiency, be applied to future on-demand transport vehicles?
  3. Can booked services fares be deregulated now, with the deregulation of the taxi licence cap, or later?
  4. How should we determine the annual increase in regulated taxi fares? Cost composite model, CPI or another method?

These are complex issues, which could have impacts for on-demand transport industry users and members across the ACT. Given this, we have decided to conduct a dedicated consultation process with a focus on these four key questions.


You can read more about this consultation and background information in a discussion paper [pdf] [word] (also attached), and at the following YourSay link:


The following roundtable session is being held for members of the on-demand transport industry:

Date:                     Wednesday 5 December 2018

Time:                    11.00AM – 2.00PM

Location:             Level 1, Bullan Meeting Room 4

Nature Conservation House

Cnr Emu Bank and Benjamin Way, Belconnen


To RSVP for the session, please respond via return email to by Friday 30 November. We strongly encourage you to read the discussion paper prior to the session to enable informed discussion.


The Government would like the on-demand transport industry in the ACT to provide the safe, affordable, accessible and quality services that consumers want now and in the future.


We welcome your views and strongly encourage you to participate in this consultation.



The Regulation and Productivity Team

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

ACT Government


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