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Appointment of Anthony Wing as new NSW Point to Point Transport Commissioner

As of 21 June 2019, The NSW Government announced Anthony Wing as the state’s next Point to Point Transport Commissioner.

Anthony joins from the Department of Premier & Cabinet and will replace the current Commissioner Barbara Wise from 1 July.

The Point to Point Transport Commission, established under Barbara’s leadership in 2016, administers and enforces legislation relating to taxis, hire vehicles and ride share. Its remit includes managing licensing schemes, administering the passenger service levy and enforcing and recommending safety standards for the point to point industry to ensure safer services for people across NSW.

Anthony was previously a General Manager in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, responsible for customer prices and cost-of-living, as well as transport competition and access.

As Commissioner, Anthony will be responsible for the provision of safe and reliable point to point services for the people of NSW.

What happened to Barbara?

Barbara Wise will continue to make a significant contribution to Transport for NSW in the new Regional and Outer Metropolitan division assessing the effectiveness of current services, contracts and performance across regional buses, on demand services and community transport.

Point to Point Transport Commissioner interviewed by BloombergNEF

Q: How has the taxi industry changed or what changes do you expect?

A: The taxi industry hasn’t really seen a significant dip into their market share. I mentioned that more people are using point-to-point transport. Surveys indicate that people are still catching taxis and they’re still catching them as frequently as they were before. Really, the market has grown overall.


You can read the rest of BloombergNEF_interview_Barbara_Wise_from November 2018.

Conclusion from NSW taxi owners in the industry

Comments made in the interview by Ms Wise,  Point to Point Transport Commissioner interviewed by BloombergNEF simply does not represent reality and compensation must be provided for financial losses to their assets, not just their income.




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