Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

Darwin taxi drivers can’t cope so Centrelink is their last resort and the same is the case in ACT Canberra

Mitchell Abram from ABC News has highlighted the decimation of the taxi industry as taxi driver in NT says many of his colleagues are now eligible for Centrelink payments because the industry is struggling to compete in Darwin’s troubled economy.

Earnings have dropped so low, he said some drivers were now eligible for Centrelink payments to help them get by.


“They’re earning well below minimum wage, in fact half,” Mr Nouwens said.

No help in sight for ACT taxi plate licence Owners

The same thing is happening across Australia, especially in ACT where the Labor State Government failed to even to address the emotional and financial damage caused by them.


Many perpetual taxi licences in ACT are owned by “mum and dad” investors, whose investments are damaged due to the arrival of unregulated number of ride-sharing vehicles, and dumping more taxi plates at a rediculous figure of $5000 per annum creating an unlevel playing field and an oversupply in transport options.


ACT State Government is simply ignoring this devastation with taxi owners suffering a crisis, anxiety and fear.


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