Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

Don’t Repeat Uber’s City-Mistakes in the Bush

Mick HoltonShooters Fishers and Farmers Party candidate for Monaro, Mick Holton called on Deputy Premier John Barilaro to stand up for rural taxi drivers ahead of a roll-out of ridesharing services across rural New South Wales.


“When Uber was introduced in the city it decimated the taxi industry because the Government didn’t offer enough support for taxi drivers until it was too late,” Mr Holton said.


“Unless the State Government follows its own policy and supports taxi drivers and owners who have complied with an over-regulated regime for decades, then the same mistakes from the city will be made in the bush.


“We all know that ride-sharing services will inevitably be introduced, but the impact of ride-sharing in a smaller rural area without adequate compensation and support for taxi drivers will be magnified because of the smaller population.


“The Nationals must grow a backbone and stop rolling-over for urban ideas of the city Liberals without considering how differently things operate in the bush. Unlike the city, if someone loses their job or has their retirement decimated overnight the effects are amplified out here.


“If existing operators receive the support they need, then ride sharing has the potential to improve transportation services in smaller rural communities where there has not been the population density to support taxi services.”


The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party recently announced its support for the Taxi Owners Small Business Association (TOSBA) in their campaign for fair compensation for the taxi industry.
The party hopes to secure 10,000 signatures on their petition to the New South Wales Parliament to have the matter debated.


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2019 Federal Election Update

A vote for Brett Cooke and Wayne Borsak in the Senate this Federal Election 18th of May 2019, will help to keep the momentum of this campaign going.
NSW Taxi Plate Owners, Operators, Drivers, their families, friends and community members are asked to vote below the line and make them your #1 and #2. Lets’ have a voice in the Federal Parliament too.


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Mick Holton


You can download his comments  2018 11 02 – Dont Repeat Ubers City Mistakes in the Bush – Return to Mick Holton.


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