Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

Jeff Kennett slams Victorian taxi compensation

“So please, these owners are not large enough to be a strong political voice, but nevertheless are entitled to be treated fairly.”

The issue has already caused divisions within the Labor Party with two federal Labor MPs, Peter Khalil and David Feeney, releasing a video saying the State Government’s original offer “simply isn’t enough”.

Last month the MPs, whose seats are in Melbourne’s north, addressed a rally vowing to support taxi owners and fight for a better deal.

Mr Kennett, who said he was driven by a “love affair with the taxi industry”, said the latest offer was “inconsistent” with other compensation offers such as the package provided to fishermen when the government banned scallop dredging in Port Phillip Bay.

“I hope with the weight of our numbers the State Government will see fit to rethink it,” Mr Kennett said.

“Increasingly, a whole range of people have expressed concern about how the government has handled this.”


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