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Largest class action in Australia as lawsuit against Uber goes national

As stated in the SMH by Timna Jacks 28 November 2018, a major class action against Uber will be opened up to another three states, which could make it the largest class action in Australian history.


Law firm Maurice Blackburn is widening its Victorian lawsuit against Uber to thousands of taxi and hire-car drivers, operators and licence holders in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.


Lawyers will allege the ride-sharing company engaged in conspiracy by unlawful means, causing harm to drivers and operators in the industry.


The case, which will be heard in the Victorian Supreme Court, has 1200 people registered in Victoria so far.


Tens of thousands more people are expected to register, with the law firm counting nearly 40,000 drivers and nearly 22,000 taxi and hire-car licence owners across the four states.


And about bloody time.


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