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LETTER FROM TOSBA PRESIDENT – Additional Assistance Payment Scheme Announced Monday 2nd July 2018

2nd August 2018

Additional Assistance Payment Scheme Announced Monday 2nd July 2018

I want to encourage all Taxi plate owners, operators, and drivers to apply for this additional assistance, applications for which close on Monday 1st October 2018, to show the level of discontent with government initiatives to date, and to indicate directly to government, the depth of pain being experienced.

Industry participants have been unfairly held in abeyance and suffering, since the new Point to Point Legislation was announced. This current assistance package is a long way short of what was promised, and a long way short of what is needed.

injustice for taxi industry

With your support, we will undertake significant political leverage to address the wrongs being inflicted by the NSW Government on small business operators who have acted faithfully in accordance with previous government requirements, and who are now suffering significant capital and income loss, together with intense hardship on families, mental health issues (including suicides), and unfair and intense pressure from lenders.

Our research tabled as “Taxi Industry Non Compensation…..a new chapter in the administration of injustice” is now with political leaders seeking to make this an election issue.

We cannot do this without your support, and we ask that you register currently  free on our website, so that you are kept up to date with initiatives being undertaken, and informed on matters which affect every member of the taxi community.

Yours sincerely

Silvano Porcaro
TOSBA President
Mobile: 0413 156 376





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