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NSW Additional Assistance Payment (AAP) Scheme Update

According to NSW Taxi Council as at Friday 31 March, 2019:

  • 270 AAPS applications assessments have been completed
  • 129 payment notifications issued
  • A further 146 applications have been assessed and confirming information requested from the applicants so that a final assessment can be made. (Note requests for additional information are ongoing and as of 31 March, 146 have not been responded to)

Note: All assistance received is viewed as taxable income.

Adding salt to the wound

NSW Transport for NSW state “This will enable payments to be made to certain eligible taxi licence holders who did not receive a transitional assistance payment but who the Panel considers should be considered for an equivalent payment, as well as eligible taxi training schools  that provided training courses to the taxi industry.”

This link is a snapshot to Transitional Assistance Payment Phase 2 (TAP-P2) Scheme Transport for NSW



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