Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

NSW taxis owners dying before they can receive any compensation due to the ineffectual performance of Transport for NSW Point to Point

NSW taxis owners dying before receiving any hardship compensation

According to NSW Road and Maritime Services (RMS) records, there are 37 deceased taxi owner candidates since August 2016 who were potentially entitled to receive hardship compensation that have been discriminated against due to the ineffectual performance of the Transport for NSW – Point to Point. To make things worse, with the passing of the original taxi plate holder, the knock on effect is that their direct family are ineligible to receive the hardship compensation for the dramatic loss in value of NSW taxi licence plates so far, demonstrated to date by the NSW Point to Point Commissioner unwilling to take action and make payment on this matter.  This issue has also been raised on a number of occasions with the NSW Taxi Council Executive Team and regrettably has fallen on deaf ears.

Sydney Metropolitan Transport District taxi licence transfers DECEASED


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