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Qld Taxi Owners vow to fight Queensland Government in $1b compensation claim for legalising Uber

As stated in the ABC News on 22/11/2018 by By Dom Vukovic and Adam Stephen , Taxi drivers (in this context meaning owners ) are launching a $1 billion compensation claim against the Queensland Government say they have been left high and dry after the legalisation of ride sharing schemes like Uber in 2016.

Taxi drivers from across Cairns gathered on Thursday to meet with lawyers mounting the case, with operators saying they would never have purchased taxi licenses or otherwise opted to stay in the industry had they known that the Government would legalise ride sharing schemes.

Lawyers say that since 2016 the value of the taxi licences have dropped dramatically, with some licences previously valued as high as $500,000 having dropped to as little as $100,000 in value after the deregulation of the market.

Federal MP Bob Katter, who is supporting the legal action, said taxi drivers across Queensland had been unfairly dealt with.

“You told us we had to pay this amount of money for a licence. Then you destroyed the licence. If that’s not fraudulent I don’t know what legal term you use,” he said.


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