Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

SHOOTERS FISHERS & FARMERS PARTY Legislative Council Hansard – 18 September 2018 – Proof – TAXI


sff logoThe Hon. ROBERT BROWN (16:13): My question without notice is directed to the Leader of the Government, representing the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. Is the Minister aware that 4,500 taxi plate owners in New South Wales have purchased a franchise, being a New South Wales taxi plate purchase, with their life savings, received a taxi plate after long service as a taxi driver or received a taxi plate in recognition of military service, and that these plates are often passed down through generations to the next of kin? How does the Government justify charging many hundreds of thousands of dollars for a taxi licence plate that is sold under its guidance and it then offers $20,000 per plate for a maximum of two plates as compensation, dressing it up as an assistance income package as a consequence of its deregulation of the New South Wales taxi industry?


The Hon. DON HARWIN (Minister for Resources, Minister for Energy and Utilities, and Minister for the Arts) (16:14): I thank the Hon. Robert Brown for his question. There can be no doubt about the fact that changes in the way in which taxis and point to point transport are regulated do have an impact. But the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure was asked the question. I think the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure has put in place a number of appropriate arrangements but I will invite him to respond to the member’s questions in the terms that he would like.

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