Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

Suicide now recognized as a growing problem for taxi industry by Ex-Liberal Premier of Victoria – Jeff Kennett

Jeff Kennett explains why he’s gone into bat for Victoria’s taxi  industry

Mr Kennett told 3AW it wasn’t enough. “If you change the rules – you’ve got to respect and therefore compensate those who’ve operated under them,” he said.   – 5 Jan 2017.

Suicide now recognized as a growing problem within the Australian Taxi Industry by Ex-Liberal Premier of Victoria – Jeff Kennett

The only consistency of federal and state politicians Australia wide, is the inconsistency and contempt to the Australian taxi industry.

Jeff Kennett the former Liberal Premier of Victoria wrote an article in the Melbourne Herald, about the lack of support as our industry has no political backing with the result being in some extreme cases, SUICIDE has been the  only way out for some of our members, living in shame of not being able to pay their debts, with the final result an insult that Uber and commerical ride sharers don’t care and are paying no taxes while all the elected Parliamentarians have turned their backs and offered no representation on honest hard working tax paying obedient servants of Australia (taxi industry).

Jeff Kennett’s article in the Herald Sun (on 27th September 2016  extract) states that the taxi industry needs much more support as reforms leave debt burdens unbearable.  In a more recent Herald Sun article by Annika Smethurst, National politics reporter, dated 4 Jan 2017,  Kennett has slammed the State Government’s compensation offer for taxi licence owners and is recruiting a group of state and federal MPs to campaign for a better deal.


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