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The ATO Finally Agrees That Uber And Taxis Are Different

Uber and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have been fighting for years over whether Uber has taxi status, which has had an effect on the likes of GST and price hikes.

The latest episode of this battle involves the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), which could have a significant impact on businesses that allow employees to use the service.

According to the ATO’s website, ride-sharing services like Uber are not considered taxis and therefore employers are not exempt from paying the FBT on any rides their employees take through Uber for Business.

The FBT is a tax applied to employers who offer their employees benefits outside of their usual wages. It can include things like work cars, gym memberships and concert tickets. Working out that sum is little tricky but its the employer, not the employee, that ends up with the bill.

But, some things like taxi rides, are exempt from the FBT meaning employers don’t need to pay that huge tax bill.

According to the ABC, this clarification was allegedly added in just this month.


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