Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

The NSW Hardship Package – You Decide


(Fully Taxed and with no compensation for plate value losses)


Distribution was to open in November 2016 and close by July 2017.

(With an application & distribution time of over 8 months)

Quote from Minister Andrew Constance.

“We are not willing to see in some cases people who are in their seventies and eighties, who are dependent on the income from these plates, go under.”

Three years have now elapsed since M.Baird announced “rideshare” to be “legal” and not a single soul has yet received a cent for “assistance”.

Between June 2016 & Dec 2018 approximately 50% of sales (149 of 290) have been deceased estate sales. (Are they waiting for us all to die?)


The current scheme eventually opened unannounced 20 months late on July 2nd 2018 with a closing date of 2nd October 2018

(An application time of 3 months – with no distribution period announced)

Letters to Licence Holders from TfNSW advising the scheme open were dated 13thJuly and not received by most until July 18th or later – further diminishing the Application period.

NSW Taxi Council announced the scheme after it opened.Due to their claim to represent the Taxi Industry, they have been allocated two unknown members on the judgement Panel. Unfortunately,they have not provided any meaningful advice about the assistance package since.

Application “requirements” were unnecessarily extensive,unjust andintrusive even to the point of requiring private and personal information of family members.

Every document submitted required legal certification even though much of the information was already on TfNSW records.

The Application was designed to be difficult for the less literate and the elderly.

No real guarantee of privacy protection was provided.

The scheme had ostensively been designed to ensure only those already on a pension may be eligible for so the called “assistance”

After the “closing date” of the 2nd October, TfNSW then embarked on a second round of “additional information” requirements to be certified and submitted by the 26th November.

(was this impost introduced purely to delay or wipe a few more off the list?)

More Delays

Initial advice from TfNSW was that payments were set to commence on the 18th December 2018. We are now in January 2019!

On the 21st December, TfNSW advised that “notices” would be going out to all Applicants over the following six weeks.

Ie. All Applicants to be notified by 1st February 2019.

There was no mention that actual payments would commence following the 21st December, only that “notices” were to be sent.

Time will tell whether this will be yet another broken promise to add to the list.

TfNSW advised that there would be two members from the NSW Taxi Council

on the “Panel” but did not know who they are or their bona fides to receive private & privileged information.


Of significance is the following:

Both TfNSWand the NSW Taxi Council either refuse to divulge or claim they have no knowledge of the following:

  • a) How many Applications were received?
  • b) How many Applications were successful?
  • c) What range of payment amountshave been determined?
  • d) What is the criteria for determining different payment amounts?
  • e) Who are the two members from the NSW Taxi Council appointed to the Panel?
  • f) Will or did the “Panel” consist of the actual members nominated or “delegates” sourced from departmental lackeys?
  • g) Did payments commence on 18th December as originally advised?
  • h) If not, when will payments actually commence?
  • i) What is the time period allocated for the distribution of payments?


Under current Government Administration, Taxi Industry members continue to be subjected to broken promises, hardship and unconscionable delays.

State Elections are coming.

Members from the Major Parties – well aware of our plight have betrayed us.

They possess few morals and less compassion in the circumstance, but will still be seeking your vote.

You will know what to do.

You can also download issue THE HARDSHIP PACKAGE (long)_Pdf


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