Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

TOSBA and NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party on the move

The campaign to right the wrong in NSW is now on the move with signed petitions now into the thousands.   Mums, dads, sons and daughters are also playing their role in supporting the NSW taxi Industry against the the NSW State Liberal Government which is endeavouring to divide us and defeat us and only provide lip service.

We believe that everyone in New South Wales – including small business owners and operators – deserve fair and equitable treatment. The hard-working, law-abiding small business taxi owners and their drivers perform an important role in this State at all levels to our travelling public. They have been unfairly treated and discriminated against through bureaucratic treachery as well as
the inaction and total disregard of this Government. This has had disastrous financial, mental and physical consequences for taxi owners and their family members. They deserve fair compensation. TOSBA is the only choice.

The New South Wales Taxi Council has lost all credibility as a legitimate representative of the taxi industry, given their inability to stand up to the Baird and Berejiklian Government’s agenda.

Download, Print and sign the NSW Taxi Industry Petition

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We are representing the interests of all Australian taxi plate owners in response to financial losses in income and asset value forced upon us.


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