Fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.


Where is the promised Transitional Assistance AAP2

In January 2019, Transport for NSW issued the following statement:

A number of applications have been finalised and recommended for payment. TfNSW is communicating with these payment recipients on preferred payment options. Following this additional step, payments will be approved and provided to recipients.


Note : As we have come to expect, no payments mentioned – just“communication”


Following our own extensive “communication” among members of the Taxi Industry to date, and despite the previous promise from TfNSW that all applicants would be “notified by the first of February”, TOSBA has been unable to find, nor can anyone TOSBA has communicated with, name a single stakeholder of the NSW Taxi Industry who has actually received the so called recommendation or rejection for payment.


To members who maybe eventually, some time in the future, after the NSW Liberal Government has collected copious amounts of Levy funds, do actually receive the promised  “notice,” TOSBA would like to see a copy.


To send a copy to TOSBA, please delete your name or any personal identifying material.


TOSBA wants to know what this heartless NSW Liberal Government is up to, particularly if you have been rejected & why you have been as all applicants should be entitled tofull payment of compensation of damages.


Copy can be sent to:

TOSBA -P.O.Box751 Balgowlah NSW 2093


Currently, TfNSW advise that the revised distribution period for payments has been extended to March 31s tor longer.


Obviously, performance to date would guarantee “or longer” will most likely be the result.


Again, another broken promise to add to the extensive list of broken promises or outright lies perpetrated under the control of the Berejiklian NSW Liberal Government.


On Saturday the 23rd of March 2019 is the NSW State election.


NSW State Liberal Government and NSW State Labor Opposition want us to vote for them.




You can also download this information as a PDF 05 Pdf TRANSITIONAL ASSISTANCE


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